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  • 5 new varieties of premium, hand-rolled cigars every month!
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Why have over 1 million satisfied customers chosen Amazing Clubs? It might be our extraordinary value and competitive prices. It might be our exceptional customer service and dedication to our members. But most likely it's because they know that a gift from Amazing Clubs is a gift of unparalleled quality.

We're proud of the premium cigars we deliver to our members every month. Over the last 12 months we've featured the following selections in the Cigar of the Month Club.

May, 2016
Arganese Maduro (5x50)
Caobanero Toro by MJ Frias (6x50)
Mareba Toro (6x50)
J. Castanon Churchill (7x50)
Heinz Leutenesser Robusto (5x50)

April, 2016
Cognac Toro (6x50)
X-510 Robusto (5x50)
Rocky Churchill (7x50)
Kristoff Premium Selection Toro (6x50)
Gurkha Legend Toro Maduro (6x50)

March, 2016
Don Ramon Robusto (5x50)
Rolando Toro (5x50)
Flor de Oliva Robusto (5x50)
Azon Robusto (5x50)
Urbano Churchill (7x50)

February, 2016
Debonaire First Degree (4x44)
Romana Churchill (7x50)
Oasis Toro (6x50)
Garo Corona (5x43)
Cubanacan Robusto (5x50)

January, 2016
Fonseca Cubano Exclusivo Corona Gorda (6x46)
Cubita Nouveau Robusto (5x54)
Duarte 1844 Toro (6x50)
CSB Robusto (5x50)
Latitude 18 Corona (5x43)

December, 2015
Griffins Robusto (5x50)
Oliva Serie G Robusto (4.5x50)
Leyenda Robusto (5x50)
Camino Viejo Churchill (7x50)
Cabo Rojo Toro (6x50)

November, 2015
Baccarat Rothschilds (5x50)
Amero Churchill (7x50)
JM Golding Toro (6x50)
Peterson Robusto (5x50)
Victory Churchill (7x50)

October, 2015
La Vieja Habana Chateau Corona (5.5x46)
Victor Sinclair Grand Reserve Churchill (7x50)
Reserva Familiar Toro (6x50)
Dominion Toro (6x50)
ESQ Corona (5x43)

September, 2015
Padron Londres (5.5x42)
Sun Village Churchill (7x50)
La Bamba Corona (5x43)
5G Robusto (5x50)
Don Viny Piramide (6x52)

August, 2015
Gold Star Corona (5x43)
Carrington Robusto (5x50)
Casa Marina Toro (6x50)
Saint Fiacre Corona (5x43)
Ramon Bueso Genesis Habano Robusto (5x50)

July, 2015
Escudo Cubano Corona Style (5x43)
Joya Dominicano Churchill Style (7x50)
El Murazo Toro Style (6x50)
Serrano Churchill Style (7x50)
Casa de Garcia Robusto (5x50)

June, 2015
NUB Cameroon 358 (3x58)
La Diva Toro (6x50)
Esquire Robusto (5x50)
Don Quijote Toro (6x50)
Martinez Churchill (7x50)

We know you have many choices when you're trying to send the perfect gift. Let us show you why Amazing Clubs should be your first and only choice for a gift they'll never forget!

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